My first serious shmup project, I started this a couple of years ago.

Initially I did what I felt like, but it quickly became evident that there’s a lot more to a shmup than meets the eye. So I started looking around the shmup community to figure out what makes a good shmup, and have since played a wide variety of them myself. Personally I tend to lean towards games like Danmaku Unlimited, DoDonPachi and ChoRenSha.

It looks quite different now compared to how it started out, Danmaku Unlimited was the main one I used as inspiration when reworking some of the visual style and gameplay.

It’s still in progress – the biggest feature of the game is that it has a built-in bullet pattern editor, it’s not as advanced as something like BulletML though, the patterns are more basic and not sequential.

I’m still trying to figure out what the scoring system should be like, and need to add some more interesting elements (enemies/patterns) to the first level. The plan is to release the first playable version when the first level is “done”.

Short GIFs showing some of the game in movement is available on imgur.



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