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My first serious shmup project, I started this a couple of years ago. Initially I did what I felt like, but it quickly became evident that there’s a lot more to a shmup than meets the eye. So I started looking around the shmup community to figure out what makes a good shmup, and have Read More

LD31 compo entry

I decided to try something new for LD31, and picked Construct 2 to create my entry with. I’m not that fond of the scripting system in Construct 2, since it can get quite unwieldy and hard to debug. I noticed this when trying to implement a state machine of sorts, especially when things weren’t working Read More

LD30 compo entry

  Play it here. Read More

LD29 compo entry

My Ludum Dare #29 compo entry is up. Play it here. Source Read More

Ludum Dare #29

It’s almost time for Ludum Dare! This will be the fourth time in a row that I’m participating, my previous submissions are available here. Depending on the theme and what ideas I get from it, I’ll probably use Unity or Flashpunk, we shall see. I’ll also use github this time around to host my codebase. Read More

Initial tests with OpenFL and HaxePunk

The past couple of Ludum Dares I’ve been using FlashPunk for my entries, and I’ve now moved on to some initial test with Haxe, OpenFL and HaxePunk. Since I’ve used FlashPunk quite a bit lately, I felt right at home. And thanks to OpenFL, multi-platform deployment is a breeze. The only issue I had between Read More

Wookiee Clicker

What else can one think about, when trying Cookie Clicker for the first time, than Wookie Clicker? Read More

LD #26

I finished my first ever entry for Ludum Dare, in time for the compo. you can go here to play my entry. The theme was minimalism. The page for my entry on LD can be found here. I wrote the entry using AS3 and the Flashpunk framework. The music was created using musagi. Download the source Read More