• Keep alive

    Keep alive

    This was my entry for Ludum Dare #46, with the theme Keep Alive. I made it with Godot and got a basic loop in, but I didn’t submit it, and has more or less been collecting dust on my harddrive since. The models were quickly modelled with blender with no particular reference and made to…

  • Puzzle Engine

    Puzzle Engine

    A little prototype puzzle game, there’s not much game to it yet. Just some cute graphics, matching logic and simple scoring system.

  • EterGast


    EterGast is a project I started during the summer earlier this year (2021), after getting into more retro-gaming. I specifically played a game on the NES called Star Soldier. The game focuses more on enemy movement and less on bullet patterns. I built an editor into the game specifically for this purpose. The game is…

  • Starbringer


    My first serious shmup project, I started this a couple of years ago. Initially I did what I felt like, but it quickly became evident that there’s a lot more to a shmup than meets the eye. So I started looking around the shmup community to figure out what makes a good shmup, and have…

  • Kolsva 24/05/2015

    Kolsva 24/05/2015

  • Bruksleden etapp 4 15/05/2015

    Bruksleden etapp 4 15/05/2015